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Our mini bottles collection has been started by my wife's parents at 1955, the day she was born when her father brought to the hospital a miniature bottle to celebrate the birth. (Picture on the left upper corner) her mother liked so much the bottle and that's the day they started their collection. The collection gets bigger and they were part of ALBA (Argentinean miniature bottle collector association). From the time I married Vivian at 1975 and especially after the death of her parents we doubled the number of the bottles and concentrated especially on figural bottles. Our visits in different countries around the world is dedicated to continuous search after miniature figural bottles and during day to day work the e-Bay is a dominant way to add  and enlarge the collection. We exchange items between collectors and are glad to see that we are not the only ones with this kind of sickness. we will like very much to change views among collectors to enlarge our knowledge on this field and maybe to build an international group helping each other by sharing information about places and shops were we can find new items and changing items among members.

Hope you will enjoy my collection even during the preparation of the site.      SHLOMO &  VIVIAN


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